Wheel Chair Quilts of Thanks

Thanks for this lasting legacy, Bonnie!

Penny Ten Pas is the chairperson for this project

In 2021 a new project was proposed by Bonnie Doyle to provide lap quilts for those in nursing homes.  Penny Ten Pas was president of SCQG at the time, and working as a hospice nurse.  She had access to all of the local nursing homes and asked the directors and administrators, they loved the idea.

The agreed upon size is 32-36” wide and 36-40” long.  The size is not too long to get caught in the wheels, yet can wrap around to give their laps warm and their eyes something to enjoy!  Any pattern may be used, however be sure to place any binding by machine as the quilt will be washed with industrial machines often.

In 2023, 120 quilts were delivered to 7 nursing homes:  Meadowview, Sheboygan Progressive, Sunny Ridge, Sheboygan Health Services, Sheboygan Senior Community, Morningside, and Rocky Knoll.  Since 2021 we have donated 279 lap quilts to Sheboygan county nursing homes.

Finished, clean quilts may be dropped off at any of the SCQG meetings.

Quilts of Thanks are distributed to the nursing homes in the first few weeks of November.

From our Facebook: 

A guild member reached out today asking if we had quilt patterns for the Wheel Chair Lap Top Project.  I thought I would post what the guidelines are as well as a few web sites for ideas.

Size:   32-36” wide by 36-42” long.

Prefer to have machine binding as these will be washed frequently.

Many people are using flannel for the batting as well as for the backing.  There are people that just want something to cover them, and some that are using for warmth. 

Remember there are female and male recipients. 

To make it simple to meet the size requirements:

6” blocks = 6 X 6 or 6 X 7

8” blocks = 4 X 5

10” Blocks = 3 X 4 with a 1” border all around

12” Blocks = 3 X 3

The possibilities really are endless:

Log Cabin Blocks, or possibly widen the size of the strips to 3-4” and make one very large log cabin

9 patch checkerboard with Solid block in between

Half Square Triangles

Panel with borders to make up the finished size requirements

Quilt as you Go

Rectangles with sashing in between

Sampler Quilt Blocks

A totally scrappy quilt, a sports theme, floral, plaid….many options, you just have to commit to one!  (or more!)

You get the idea.

I have a few websites below that may help you gain some other ideas.  Keep in mind, not all of the quilts pictured are sized for wheel chair lap quilts, but you can just make them with fewer blocks.




***Keep in mind that "free" pattern sites are usually filled with advertisements.  Be careful of clicking on links.  The intention of listing the sites above are to give you some ideas of block combinations, styles, and colors.  SCQG is not responsible for time spent going down bunny holes....but sometimes it does make it fun.