Placemats for Sheboygan County Meals on Wheels

Lori Epping and Janet Wesener are the chairpersons for this project.

We started donating placemats in 2019. In the last 5 years we have donated 793 placemats from the guild. We will again have the opportunity brighten the day for those who cannot go out to eat and often eat alone at a TV table in front of the TV. We encourage everyone to try doing a mini project like a placemat. 

1. No bigger than 12x18 (TV tray table size)

2. Keep it flat- so as to not cause a "tippy" plate or glass. 

3. No beads or buttons-- unless on the very edge 

4. Machine washable

5. You may sign your name or the guilds to the back if you wish.

6. Place your name with the placemats when you turn them in. 

7. Get creative-- we will display them this year at the quilt show!!!

Completed placemats can be shared at our monthly meetings with show and tell and given to Lori or Janet. The placemats will be on display at our annual quilt show.